Patient Care Services

Committee Members
Dr. Boyd Robinson, Chair
Dr. Marc Ottenga, Vice Chair
Dr. Glen Turner
Dr. Matt Dennis
Mr. Craig Kirkbride
Dr. K. David Stillwell
Dr. Ernest Lado
Dr. Amer Abu-Hanna
Dr. Jim Pettigrew
Dr. Charles Smith
Ms. Lorie Primosch
Dr. Quinn Lybbert
Ms. Leslie McManus
Ms. Michele Chalmers
Ms. Jerri Wainer
Dr. Ron Watson, Steering Committee Representative
Support staff:
Jerri Wainer, Executive Secretary


Standards to be addressed

Standard 5

Summary of committee charge

Team charter

This committee will assess the college’s formal system of quality assurance, the use of quantitative criteria for student advancement and graduation that does not compromise the delivery of comprehensive patient care, and the written statement of patient’s rights (and that it is distributed to all appropriate students, faculty, staff and to each patient). The committee will assess that the school has ensured that active patients have access to services for dental emergencies and that students, faculty and staff involved in patient care are continuously recognized in basic life support and can manage common medical emergencies. The committee will ensure that written policies and procedures are in place for the safe use of ionizing radiation and that a mechanism is in place and used to ensure adequate preclinical/clinical/lab asepsis, infection and biohazard control and disposal of hazardous waste. Lastly, the committee will evaluate the college’s policies which ensure that the confidentiality of patient information is strictly maintained.

Final Draft

Standard 5 Final Draft

Interim Reports