Committee Members
Dr. Robert Primosch, Chair
Dr. David Culp, Vice Chair
Ms. Gail Mitchell
Dr. Fong Wong
Dr. Rob Caudle
Dr. Jeannine Brady
Dr. Dean Morton
Dr. Henry Young
Dr. Flavio Soares
Dr. Luciana Machion
Dr. Claudio Varella
Dr. Katherine Karpinia
Mr. Joe Richardson (senior)
Dr. Karl Soderholm, Steering Committee Representative
Support staff:
Christina Haskins, Program Assistant

Standards to be addressed

Standards 2-3 & 2-4

Summary of committee charge

Team charter 

This committee will evaluate that the college has ensured that students receive written information in advance of each course or unit of instruction regarding the course’s goals, requirements, nature of course content and method(s) of evaluation. This committee will also evaluate the school’s methodology for addressing student performance issues.

Interim Reports

Meetings & Documents

Date Room Agenda Minutes Attachments
September 11
12:00-1:30 pm
D7-35 View
October 20 View
November 22
D9-11 View