Clinical Sciences

Committee Members
Dr. Boyd Robinson, Chair
Dr. Leandro Dopazo, Vice Chair
Dr. Frank Vertucci
Dr. Ike Aukhil
Dr. A.E. “Buddy” Clark
Dr. James Ruskin
Dr. Greg Smith
Dr. Ivar Mjor
Dr. Luis Rueda
Dr. Greg Jerrell
Dr. Jaana Autio-Gold
Dr. Paul Burtner
Dr. Arthur Nimmo
Dr. Carol Stewart
Dr. K. David Stillwell
Dr. John Thomas
Dr. Abi Adewumi
Ms. Rachel Hollander (junior)
Mr. Trevor Parker (junior)
Dr. Jim Haddix, Steering Committee Representative
Support staff:
Jennifer Brock, Administrative Assistant


Standards to be addressed

Standards 2-25 through 2-27

Summary of committee charge

Team charter

This committee will evaluate that the college is producing graduates that are competent in providing oral health care within the scope of general dentistry from childhood to the geriatric population and including patient assessment and diagnosis, comprehensive treatment planning, health promotion and disease prevention, informed consent, anesthesia, pain and anxiety control, restoration of teeth, replacement of teeth, periodontal therapy, pulpal therapy, oral mucosal disorders, hard and soft tissue surgery, dental emergencies, malocclusion and space management, and evaluation of treatment outcomes. Additionally, the committee will assess whether graduates are competent in assessing the treatment needs of special needs patients.

Interim Reports

Meetings & Documents

Date Room Agenda Minutes Attachments
September 19,
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October 5,
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October 20,
November 2,
November 17,