Institutional Effectiveness

Committee Members
Dr. Robert Bates, Chair
Dr. Henry Gremillion, Vice Chair
Dr. Calogero Dolce
Dr. Marcio Guelmann
Mr. Ken Tomlinson
Ms. Julie Thompson
Dr. Jim Pettigrew
Dr. Robert Burne
Dr. Roberta Pileggi
Ms. Linda Tyson
Dr. Rob Caudle
Ms. Jean Sweitzer
Mr. Jacob Burks
Dr. Clay Walker, Steering Committee Representative
Support staff:
Mary Bennett, Executive Secretary

Standards to be addressed

Standard 1

CODA Revision to Standard

July 2007 CODA Actions

Summary of committee charge

Team charter

This committee will focus on the eight standards under Institutional Effectiveness which are used to evaluate if the dental school has a clearly stated purpose/mission statement; has a broad-based system of planning, evaluating and improving educational quality; and demonstrates its effectiveness through a formal and ongoing outcomes assessment process. Additionally, the school must demonstrate that it has sufficient financial resources to supports its mission, goals and objectives. The school must show that support from outside entities does not compromise its missions. It must be demonstrated that the final responsibility for curriculum development/approval, student selection, faculty selection and administrative matters rests within the sponsoring institution. The school must be part of an accredited institution of higher education and lastly, the school must show evidence of interaction with other components of higher education, health care education and/or health delivery systems.

Final Draft

Interim Reports

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September 6
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November 15
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November 29
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February 16
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March 7
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