Accreditation Self-Study Ad Hoc Committees

Ad hoc committee Chairperson
Committee 1:
Institutional Effectiveness
Dr. Robert Bates
Committee 2:
Dr. Venita Sposetti
Committee 3:
Dr. Robert Primosch
Committee 4:
Curriculum Management
Dr. Robert Primosch
Committee 5:
Information Management and Critical Thinking
Dr. Madhu Nair
Committee 6:
Biomedical Sciences
Dr. Thomas Brown
Committee 7:
Behavioral Sciences
Dr. Joe Riley
Committee 8:
Practice Management
Dr. Sam Low
Committee 9:
Ethics and Professionalism
Dr. Henry Gremillion
Committee 10:
Clinical Sciences
Dr. Boyd Robinson
Committee 11:
Faculty and Staff
Dr. Rich Lamont
Committee 12:
Facilities and Resources
Dr. Robert Bates
Committee 13:
Student Services and Student Financial Aid
Dr. Venita Sposetti
Committee 14:
Health Services
Dr. Carol Stewart
Committee 15:
Patient Care Services
Dr. Boyd Robinson
Committee 16:
Research Program
Dr. Kenneth Anusavice

Comprehensive description of the 16 ad hoc committees and the standards that each will address