Standard 4: Educational Support Services


name (role) department
Dr. Pamela Sandow (chair) Oral and Maxillofacial Diagnostic Sciences, Office of Admissions
Dr. Patty Probert (co-chair) Community Dentistry and Behavioral Science, Office for Student Advocacy and Inclusion
Sarah Bowser Office of Admissions
Rebecca Driggers Office of Admissions
Abel Gilbert Office of Admissions
Rebecca Larson Office of Admissions
Hallie Moehring DMD Class of 2024
Alyssa Morris DMD Class of 2024
Daria Muklewicz DMD Class of 2025
Aatish Patel DMD Class of 2025
Alex Franklin Office of Student Advocacy and Inclusion

Standards to Address

Standard 4: Educational Support Services (4-1 through 4-12)